Have you looked into MS Visual Studio Code's Web Template Studio yet?

Have you looked into MS Visual Studio Code's Web Template Studio yet?

Last month, Microsoft had announced the early release of the Visual Studio Code's cool extension called, Web Template Studio (WebTS). The main aim of the extension is to accelerate the creation of new web applications using a wizard-based experience. The early release notes can be found here.

I found it cool so far where it supports,

  • Boilerplate code generation for a web application by choosing between different front-end frameworks.
  • Project structure generation for back-end frameworks, pages.
  • Project structure generation for the Full Stake Application.
  • Use the app for Cloud Services like Azure.


WebTS was created using TypeScript and React. Different combinations of generated code are merged together by Core Template Studio, which was made using .NET Core.



  • Once installed, you can launch it from Visual Studio Code. From menu go to, View > Command Palette (cntrl + shift + p on Windows) and type Web Template Studio: Launch

2019-06-08 12_00_01-package.json - Test - Visual Studio Code.png

Minimum version of VS code required: 1.33.0

Use it

Once launched, you can use it to create a sample app of your choice in no time!



Here are some resources to learn more:

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