5 Twitter Threads to teach you about Technical Blogging

5 Twitter Threads to teach you about Technical Blogging

I don't want to miss any opportunity to share about Technical Blogging. Here is one more way to teach and share.


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Technical writing or blogging is a developer's journey to share their knowledge and wisdom with many other developers seeking it. As a blogger, I struggled to find the right track and motivation to continue doing it.

So, yet another article on blogging?

That's right. I've created a few resources guiding some aspects of technical writing. This one has a special purpose, though! I've been sharing lots of cool tips and ideas about blogging on Twitter as threads as well. But, I found a couple of downsides to doing it:

  • These threads are not so persistent. Yeah, we can bookmark them and use a bot to save them somewhere, but nothing like preserving our content like our own! Hence, creating this article by collecting all those threads in one place.

  • I created these threads a while back, and they got some reach but not enough. I am too lazy to retweet them multiple times to inform people about their existence and importance. So, I hope this article reaches more people, and they find the threads helpful. Hence sharing is the whole motto!

  • I'm unsure about the ownership of the content on Twitter. Unlike blog articles, there is no canonical link concept of finding the original vs duplicates. Bringing the threads to an article will not solve that problem, but it will give me a sense of ownership.

Now that you know why this article exists, let me introduce you to five threads that will help you with Technical writing/blogging.

1. ๐Ÿงต Content Ideas

This thread focuses on the approaches you can take to find topics for your blog. Many writers stumble upon a sudden situation where they suffer to find ideas to write(or create any content). This situation is also known as Writer's Block.

Go over this thread to find those points that work for me every time I face the situation.

2. ๐Ÿงต Writing Process

After you figure out the content to write, the next obvious step is Writing it. As everyone is unique, the process they use to create content is unique too. However, there are a few commonalities.

Please read this thread to know the process that helped me over the years and how it evolved.

3. ๐Ÿงต Content Quality

Once you start creating content using the writing process, you must focus on content quality. A few basic things are:

  • Are they informative?

  • Are they fun to read?

  • Are they structured well?

  • Are those error-free?

  • Many more!

This thread gives you enough tools and thoughts to improve the content's quality. Please give it a read.

4. ๐Ÿงต Traffic to Blog

Recently my blog completed 1.5 million page views! That's something I had dreamed about but never thought would happen. As it happened, I could figure out some factors that worked in my favour.

This thread talks about how to get traffic to your blog and what are the right ways to achieve it.

5. ๐Ÿงต Career as a Blogger

The final one(unless I add more later and edit this article in the future!) is about the career. Can we build a career as technical writers? Yes, we can, but it needs strategies to work on it.

Here is a thread that gives you insights about building a career as a technology blogger.

Before We End...

Thanks for reading it. It may not be a usual way of capturing thoughts in an article, but I have provided some cool justifications already ๐Ÿ˜Š. If you liked the threads and this article, please post likes and share in your circles.

Let's connect. You can follow me on Hashnode, and I also share tips on Software Development, Content Creation, Open Source, and Career on these platforms.

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