Adding a Table row dynamically using React Hook

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Recently I had a need to add table rows dynamically when user clicks on a link in the Table cell. I wanted to look it like, I can expand and collapse the section such that, user can see the additional details on demand.

This short post is to talk about the same so that, it could be useful to any of you when the need arises.


I have created a Stackblitz project to share and demonstrate this. The final outcome looks like this:


Here is the Stackblitz project to look into the code in details:

The code is in GitHub as well:

A bit of Explanation

If you are familiar with react, the code flow should be easy to understand. I would like to explain some portion of the code here:

useState Hook to track of what has been expended

useState hook from React helps us to keep track on couple of state variables to,

  • Keep track of all the expanded rows. It is a simple array holds the id of the expanded rows.
        // State variable to keep track of all the expanded rows. Example, [1, 2, 3]
       // By default, nothing expanded. Hence initialized with empty array.
       const [expandedRows, setExpandedRows] = useState([]);
  • Keep track, if the row is currently expanded.
      // State variable to keep track which row is currently expanded. Example, {1: true}
      const [expandState, setExpandState] = useState({});

Simple array operations to add/remove the table row

The includes() method determines whether an array contains a specified element. This method returns true if the array contains the element, and false if not.

The code below determines if a particular row is expanded by finding if the id has been included in the array.

const isRowExpanded = currentExpandedRows.includes(userId);

As we are toggling the show-hide on clicking of a link, we need the logic below. If the row is expanded, we are here to hide it. Hence remove it using the filter() method. Otherwise just add it using the concat() method.

// If the row is expanded, we are here to hide it. Hence remove
// it from the state variable. Otherwise add to it.

const newExpandedRows = isRowExpanded ?
    currentExpandedRows.filter(id => id !== userId) :

Finally the rendering part

Finally we need to render the dynamic row based on the condition, if the current row is expanded.

    expandedRows.includes( ?
               <td colspan="6">
                         ADD WHATEVER YOU WANT TO RENDER
           </tr> : null

That's all for now. Hope it was useful. Please feel free to change it, improve it the way you would like to.

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