10 HTML anchor tag usages you must know(in short videos)

10 HTML anchor tag usages you must know(in short videos)

The anchor tag is a widely used HTML tag. Here are ten usages that you should know.

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As a webdev, you must have used the anchor(a) tag ample times. The regular usages are, linking to a webpage, opening the page in a new tab, or linking to a page section.

However, there are other usages, you should know as well. I have created a short video series to cover all the usages. The series also includes a video to style anchor tag. I hope you find them helpful and enjoy watching them.

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6. How to download a file?

7. How to open the page in the new tab/window?

8. What about the new tab opening and Security concerns?

10. How to use the ping attribute for tracking?

Bonus: How to style an anchor tag?

TADA!!! We are done. I hope you enjoyed the videos, and it was worth your time. I have written an in-depth article on the same topic and published it on freeCodeCamp. You may want to take a look,

The HTML Tag – Anchor Tag Example Code

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